Longer-term studies

Following on from the 2013/14 emCETT PLAR programme, we decided to carry out three longer term studies to extend some practitioner-led research projects, started in 2014, into a second year. The pilot enables practitioners to investigate their research topics in more depth and have a longer period in which to identify patterns and draw their conclusions. It is important to note that for many teachers, research is an ongoing process and we hope, through the longer term studies, to identify how we can support practitioners to embed research practices in their everyday working lives.

Here is a video exploring what we mean by ‘longer-term research’ on emCETT’s practitioner-led action research (PLAR) programme.

Some of the projects will be longitudinal, in the sense that they follow the same learners or practitioners over time. Other projects will trial the same approaches used in year 1 with different learners, for example, or with a larger sample size in year 2.

The following projects are taking place. You can also find out more about the corresponding  year 1 project.

Denise Dickens

City of Bristol College
Contact: Denise Dickens
Project Title: Ensuring education matters: The impact of an engagement project for care leavers in Post-16 education

2013-2014 Year 1 project details
Title: Looking the same but needing difference: enabling engagement of care leavers in post 16 education.
Format: Presentation and Prezi
Trish Bradwell


Easton & Otley College
Contact: Trish Bradwell
Project Title: Changing the Face of Curriculum Design – exploring the longer term impact

2013-2014 Year 1 project details
Title: Technology in the Further Education classroom: A summary of action research into technology use at Great Yarmouth College
Format: Prezi


South Tyneside CollegeEve Champney Smith Contact: Eve Champney-Smith
Project Title: Explore the effectiveness of different uses of tablet computers for adult learners with autism spectrum condition studying Functional Skills English

2013-2014 Year 1 project details
Project Title: Exploring and overcoming barriers to learning experienced by adult learners on the autistic spectrum studying Functional Skills English
Format: Prezi