During the 2014 practitioner-led action research (PLAR) programme, we encouraged practitioners to work closely with colleagues and learners from across their organisations to plan and undertake their research. In some cases, this led naturally to the development of ‘whole organisation approaches’ (WOA) to quality improvement through practitioner-led action research (‘WOA to PLAR’). You can read more about the role that practitioner-led research has for evaluating and improving quality in a vlog recorded with Dr Matt O’Leary.

We decided to carry out three ‘WOA to PLAR’ pilots in the 2014 – 15 programme, to develop models we can then share across the sector. The following organisations are currently taking part in these pilots:

45. CableCom Training LtdCableCom Training


29. HMP Dovegate (SERCO)           HMP Dovegate



Support for pilot centres

CPD Leads pageThe Action Research Leads in each organisation are being mentored and supported by a member of our core team. They also have access to a specially-designed set of materials and all the main programme resources.

The three pilot centres have also been able to access training for their ‘Action Research Leads’ to better equip them to support practitioner researchers in their organisations. You can learn more about what each organisation is doing by clicking the links above.

WOA to PLAR forum

This forum is open during the 2014-15 programme to Action Research Leads and practitioner researchers from the three pilot centres.