Webinar 1

Title: What is Practitioner-Led Action Research (PLAR)? Led by Jim Crowther, Senior Lecturer in Community Education, University of Edinburgh
Date: Wednesday 22 October 2014


The aim of the webinar is to introduce and explore what is meant by ‘Practitioner-led Action Research’ (PLAR).

By the end of the webinar you should be able to:

  • identify what is meant by PLAR? (In terms of history, distinctiveness and purpose);
  • understand the importance of naming the problem and identifying assumptions made;
  • make links between professionalism and PLAR, including links to the 2014 Professional Standards; and
  • begin to formulate your research question(s).


Jim's poster

  • What is PLAR? poster by Jim Crowther
  • What is PLAR? videos:
    • Video 1 – Introduction to the webinar (2:10)
    • Video 2 – ‘What is PLAR?’ presentation by Jim Crowther (33:23)
    • Video 3 – emCETT PLAR resources and introduction to post-webinar tasks (21:35)
  • Webinar and breakout room slides
  • Post webinar 1 tasks (to complete before the first peer working group)