9. Banbury and Bicester CollegeOrganisation: Banbury and Bicester College
Contact: Nic Morgan and Dean Turvey- Brown
Title: How can Creative Industries work with local employers to build relationships that enhance both student experience and assist with teacher training?                                                                          Format: Padlet & Poster

6. KEITS Training Services

Organisation: KEITS Training Services
Contact: Emily Cullum
Title: How do we know our learners are learning?
Format: Thinglink & Poster

52. Mid Kent College of HFEOrganisation: Mid Kent College of HFE
Contact: Karen Scott
Title: Investigating student perceptions of the value of work experience                                                                                                                               Format: Prezi & Poster

23. The City Literary InstituteOrganisation: The City Literary Institute
Contact: Khorshed Bhote
Title: Blended approach to professional development of experienced teachers: a case study
Format: WordPress & Poster