Achievement and progression

21. City Of Bristol CollegeOrganisation: City of Bristol College
Contact: Denise Dickens
Title: Ensuring education matters: The impact of an engagement project for care leavers in Post-16 education Format:  Leaflet & Poster 

4. Easton & OtleyOrganisation: Easton & Otley College
Contact: Katie Wilden
Title: Using e-networking to set up a community of practice

43. Grantham CollegeOrganisation: Grantham College
Contact: Sarah Dakin
Title: Motivate and inspire learners to promote achievement and develop their skills to enable progression

27.Kent Training and ApprenticeshipsOrganisation: Kent Training and Apprenticeships
Contact: Aramide Ogunmola
Title: Why are some young people more motivated to progress than others? How can I help the de-motivated to desire progression?                                                           Format: Poster

47. Kirklees College  Organisation: Kirklees College
  Contact: Sam Shepherd
  Title: Breaking the Digital Barriers                                     Format: WordPress & Poster

60. Lewisham Southwark CollegeOrganisation: Lewisham Southwark College
Contact: Shoshi Ish-Horowicz
Title: Increasing confidence and competence for teaching Controlled Assessments on the GCSE English re-take course                                                                                                                                      Format: Prezi & Poster

49. Reaseheath CollegeOrganisation: Reaseheath College
Contact: Victoria Salt and Sean Hargreaves
Title: BTEC: Are we adequately preparing our students with the skills required in HE?                                               Format: Prezi & Poster

59. The Manchester College - OLASSOrganisation: The Manchester College – OLASS
Contact: Alison Taylor
Title: The Healing Power of Creativity in Prisons
Format: Yudu reportPoster1 and Poster 2

41. TWICS (Training for Work in Communities)Organisation: TWICS (Training for Work in Communities)
Contact: Jo Dixon
Title: Exploring Approaches to Supporting Adults to Develop  Basic ICT Skills                                                                        Format: WordPress & Poster

61. Workers’ Educational AssociationOrganisation: Workers’ Educational Association , SE
Contact: Jutinder Mason
Title: : A study of the motivational factors that influence student engagement and how best to improve course design, delivery and outcomes.                                                                                                            Format: Poster 1 & Poster 2

61. Workers’ Educational AssociationOrganisation: Workers’ Educational Association, SE
Contact: Anna Kennedy
Title: Does teaching literature to ESOL and Functional English learners promote deeper emotional participation of the students in the process of learning a new language?                                                        Format: Website & Poster

61. Workers’ Educational AssociationOrganisation: Workers’ Educational Association, Y&H
Contact: Nicola Thorpe
Title: Evaluating the most effective advice and support mechanisms for progressing an individual from student to classroom volunteer, in the WEA                                                                                            Format: Report & Poster

42. Webs Training LimitedOrganisation: Webs Training Limited
Contact: Lorraine Jameson
Title: Showcasing high expectations, achievements and positive progressions