Inclusive learning

19. Hereford College of ArtsOrganisation: Hereford College of Arts
Contact: Sarah Crowson and Simon Denison
Title: Moving from participant-directed learning to self-                                                          directed learning: promoting learner engagement at HE                                                          through identifying and transforming ‘grey spaces’ into ‘non-                                                  formal learning spaces’                                                                                                            Format: WordPress & Poster

1. HMP Dovegate (SERCO)           Organisation: HMP Dovegate (SERCO)
           Contact: Stephanie Taylor
           Title: Student Voice: The Role of the Learning Support                      Assistants within offender education: can they enhance the                                                  teaching and learning offer?                                                                                                      Format: PowerPoint Poster 

54. Lowestoft CollegeOrganisation: Lowestoft College
Contact: Roddy Smith 
Title: Do starter activities have an impact on lessons or learning?                                                                                                                                    Format: Thinglink & Poster

55. Lowestoft CollegeOrganisation: Lowestoft College
Contact: Kathryn Langford
Title: Action Research into Effective CPD                   Format: Yudu Report & Poster

11. North Lincolnshire Council Adult Community Learning  Organisation: North Lincolnshire Council Adult Community       Learning
  ContactPaul Burnett
  Title: Assessing autism and providing strategies for tutors,         including individual plans                                                               Format: PowerPoint & Poster

17. South Tyneside CollegeOrganisation: South Tyneside College
Contact: Eve Champney-Smith & Sue Hawley
Title: Exploring the effectiveness of different uses of tablet computers for adult learners with autism spectrum condition                                                  studying Functional Skills English                                                                                            Format: Thinglink & Poster

58. Sunderland CollegeOrganisation: Sunderland College
Contact: Gillian Hughes
Title: Tea for two: mentoring relationships in the transition from FE to HE in PCET Teacher Education                                                                            Format: Report & Poster

53. Tower Hamlets CollegeOrganisation: Tower Hamlets College
Contact: Richard Gallen
Title: Recognising and working with emergent language in the ESOL classroom Part 2: Interaction and learning in small group conversations                                                     Format: Report & Poster

57. Yeovil College Organisation: Yeovil College
 Contact: Fiona Pavey
 Title: Skills for employability: An exploration of skills for      employability within the early years sector from the multiple  perspectives of learners, employers and FE college  practitioners, with consideration as to how to embed these  into the level 3 Early Years Educator programme.                                                                   Format: ReportPowerPoint & Poster