Learning goals

Organisation: Action Acton40. Action Acton
Contact: Elizabeth Jane Asadi
Title: Learning Buddies                                                             Format: Prezi & Poster

8. City College NorwichOrganisation: City College Norwich
Contact: James Taylor-Lawrence & Suzi Battell
Title: Developing Grit on GCSE Programmes                     Format: WordPress & Poster

31. Exeter CollegeOrganisation: Exeter College
Contact: Gillian Keir
Title: Development of a learner focused methodology as the core of a holistic learning journey                                 Format: Report & Poster

15. Hackney Community CollegeOrganisation: Hackney Community College
Contact: Robert Galvani
Title: Measuring the impact of strategies that develop independent learning skills
Format: Report, video & Poster

18. MODOrganisation: Ministry of Defence
Contact: Sue Thain
Title: Initial Diagnostic – Who needs it?                                   Format: Powerpoint & Poster

20. Tower Hamlets Idea Store LearningOrganisation: Tower Hamlets Idea Store Learning
Contact: Rachel Bate & Kate Harries
Title: Learner-led discussion in                                                                                                the ESOL classroom
                                                                                             Format: Prezi & Poster

12. Woking CollegeOrganisation: Woking College
Contact: Katherine Taylor
Title: Personality and vocabulary learning in ESOL   Format: Blog & Poster