The team

Our programme team consists of the following partners: emCETT, Claire Collins Consultancy Ltd, Summations Ltd and Touchconsulting Ltd with support from emCETT associates to deliver the regional support for practitioners.

PLAR team

Feedback from the 2014 programme about the team:

Ian Grayling as our regional adviser has been absolutely fantastic. Jo Byrne as project co-ordinator has also been most helpful.

I joined in my first webinar with Claire Collins and Joss Kang, this was also helpful as I set up and got it all working in the first instance.   A new electronic experience for me.

Felt supported through Mary’s relaxed, open style. Very encouraging, yet constructive.

Caryn’s support has been excellent.

I give a kind thank you to my outstanding mentor Kathy Wood for her support and guidance which made a huge difference.

Very helpful and supportive. Always offering me support and praise which was really nice. Helped to keep me motivated. Thank you to Bob Read.

I would like to extend a special thanks to Annemarie Higgins for her help and support.

Make sure there are peer working groups – the peer working group facilitated by Gail was inspiring – the sharing of experience is invaluable.