Workshop 1.1 Curriculum – HE in FE

ETF Research Conference 2015 – Reaseheath College

Research title – BTEC: Are we adequately preparing our students with the skills required in HE?

Workshop 1.1a delivered by Victoria Salt, Reaseheath College

Research report and poster

Supported by emCETT

Video not published due to technical problem with Internet connection.

 ETF Research Conference 2015 – Kirklees College

Research title – It’s the teaching & learning isn’t it? Persuading students of the value of Higher Education in a Further Education Context

Workshop 1.1b delivered by Richard Turner and Philippa Firth video

Supported by SUNCETT

ETF Research Conference 2015 – Hereford College of Arts

Research title – Moving from participant-directed learning to self-directed learning: promoting learner engagement at HE through identifying and transforming ‘grey spaces’ into ‘non-formal learning spaces’.

Workshop 1.1c delivered by Simon Denison and Sarah-Jane Crowson video

Research report and poster

Supported by emCETT