Workshop 2.2 Curriculum – teaching, learning and assessment

ETF Research Conference 2015 – Exeter College

Research title – Everything Flows: How do learners themselves characterise their experiences of ‘Flow’ and how can these findings inform new practises in teaching and learning?

Workshop 2.2a delivered by James Tarling video

Research report and poster

Supported by emCETT

ETF Research Conference 2015 – Siemens Energy

Research title – Trying to make some sense of it all: Investigating learners’ experiences of assessment in engineering training.

Workshop 2.2b delivered by Brian Todd video

Supported by SUNCETT

ETF Research Conference 2015 – TWICS

Research title – Exploring approaches to supporting adults to develop basic ICT skills

Workshop 2.2c delivered by Jo Dixon video

Research report and poster

Supported by emCETT