39. Action ActonOrganisation: Action Acton
Contact: Marcin Lewandowski
Title: Virtually Written: exploring the efficacy of Google tools for promoting collaboration and language competency
Format: Prezi & Poster

30. Bedford College (Shuttleworth Campus)Organisation: Bedford College (Shuttleworth Campus)
Contact: Carl Groombridge
Title: Motivating teaching with Modern Technologies Format: WordPress & Poster

45. CableCom Training LtdOrganisation: CableCom Training Ltd
Contact: Catherine Cox
Title: The Impact of using online resources on Apprentice Functional Skills Achievement                                                                                                  Format:  Poster

26. College of West AngliaOrganisation: College of West Anglia
Contact: Joyce I-Hui Chen
Title: Vote for Success                                                         Format: Report, Padlet & Poster

2. Dearne Valley College
Organisation: Dearne Valley College
Contact: Gemma Holtam
Title: Creating accessible learning resources                       Format: WordPress & Poster

3. Easton & OtleyOrganisation: Easton & Otley College
Contact: Trish Bradwell
Title: Introducing Digital Technology – a report on the longer                                                term impact of an action research project                                                                                Format: WordPress & Poster

38. Hull College GroupOrganisation: Hull College Group
Contact: Sandra Draper
Title: Flipped Learning in Hair, Beauty Therapy and Catering Format: WordPress & Poster

36. In Touch Care LtdOrganisation: In Touch Care Ltd
Contact: Tamara Clark
Title: Compare and contrast the effectiveness of the TSSP and ASSP resources                                                                                                                Format: Prezi & Poster

47. Kirklees CollegeOrganisation: Kirklees College
Contact: Cathy Clarkson
Title: Mobile Technology: living and learning                   Format: WordPressPoster & Video

54. Lowestoft CollegeOrganisation: Lowestoft College
Contact: Jo Hillier
Title: How can we use learning technology on our Travel and Tourism courses to promote collaborative learning both                                                  in the classroom and in blended learning?                                                                                Format: WordPress & Poster

44. Stockton Riverside CollegeOrganisation: Stockton Riverside College
Contact: Helen Irish and Paula Kilburn
Title: Developing an interactive Virtual Learning Environment to support ESOL learners                                                         Format: Prezi & Poster

51. Stockton Riverside CollegeOrganisation: Stockton Riverside College
Contact: Phillip Hall
Title: Using Technology to support the Functional Maths for 16-18 year old Apprentice students in the workplace.  Format: Prezi & Poster

5. The Northern CollegeOrganisation: The Northern College
Contact: Lou Mycroft, Tom Monaghan & Alison Longden
Title: FAB: The digital resilience project                                                             Format: WordPress & Poster

14. Wirral Lifelong and Family Learning ServicesOrganisation: Wirral Lifelong and Family Learning Service
Contact: Lesley Elliott and Alison Bell
Title: How can English tutors develop strategies to engage                                                  adult entry level learners, and view information technology as                                                a positive and effective way to develop their skills?                                                                Format: Newsletter & Poster 

13. Wirral Metropolitan CollegeOrganisation: Wirral Metropolitan College
Contact: Heather McGouran & Jacquie Grindley
Title: Mobile phones, can they support dyslexic students in retaining information from lessons?                                        Format: Video part 1, Video part 2 & Poster

13. Wirral Metropolitan CollegeOrganisation: Wirral Metropolitan College
Contact: Sara Purslow & Jacquie Grindley
Title: The Exploration and Identification of Mobile Phone Apps to Assist Students with Specific Learning Difficulties in their Learning Format: Poster