As part of emCETT’s blended practitioner-led research programme, we are supporting practitioners to:

Accreditation Support

The eCPD module: ‘An Introduction to Action Research’ provides a good starting point for anyone thinking about accreditation options.

CPD module

The three programme webinars will support anyone wishing to progress onto further study and/ or accreditation. Webinar 1, led by Jim Crowther from the University of Edinburgh, focused on understanding what is meant by practitioner-led research and what the benefits can be for educators. Webinar 2, led by John Sutter from the University of the Creative Arts and Bob Read from ACER, focussed on multimodality and how this links to practitioner led research. Finally, Webinar 3, led by JD Carpentieri from the Institute of Education, University College London, focussed on analysing and presenting data.

A helpful platform to access a wide range of information, including on-line reports, blogs and articles, is the programme’s Pearltrees site. In particular, you will find the on-line research sources useful if you do not have access to a library or if you are not sure where to start with open access research.

Online research sources image