CPD leads

The CPD Leads Package includes a session plan and accompanying materials based on the input provided for the regional advisers supporting The Education and Training Foundation’s blended learning Practitioner-led Action Research Programme 2014, developed and delivered by emCETT.

The materials have been re-purposed for CPD leads supporting action research within their own organisations.

Action research cycleAim:
CPD leads to have a clear understanding of the underpinning theory to the programme and their role within the delivery of the programme.

Length: 3 – 3.5 hours
Pre-reading for the participants in the programme (and CPD leads) was An Introduction to Practitioner-led Action Research – a ‘how to’ guide for practitioners and managers which includes the action research cycle (reproduced with permission of Education Scotland).

Regional advisers encouraged participants to undertake a self-assessment of their action research skills, knowledge and understanding at the start and end of the programme using R4. On average participants moved up the scale by 1.6 steps (32%).  Here is an example from one of the participants showing an improvement on average of 1.6 steps.
Self-assessment star example