Gathering, analysing and presenting data

JD imageWebinar 3, led by JD Carpentieri, focussed on analysing and presenting research data. As such, this is a very helpful resource for anyone wishing to progress onto level 7 study programmes.

JD’s presentation can be viewed in 3 parts:

1. Interpreting data produced by others

  • Numbers – quantitative data
  • Words – qualitative data

eGuide data chapter imageThe programme eGuide also contains a useful chapter on qualitative and quantitative data analysis.

2. Collecting your own data

  • Developing an interview schedule
  • Qualitative interview tips

3. Analysing and presenting data

  • Data reduction – what to do with all that audio?
  • Writing a paper: demonstrating critical analysis and original thought

JD also shared an article he wrote called ‘Playing with Numbers‘ (JD Carpentieri, NRDC Reflect Magazine, No.13, 2010)

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