Links to other practitioner research projects

Practitioner research has been supported by successive government-funding through a range of learning and development organisations since 2004. An overview of previous LSIS-supported practitioner research can be found here. Individual programme outcomes can be accessed by clicking on the images below:

2011 – 2013 Practitioner-led action research (SUNCETT for LSIS)

In 2011-2012 and 2012-13, LSIS supported a number of practitioner-led Exploratory Research Projects with the aim of improving practice in English, maths and ESOL.

2011-13 PLAR

2009 – 2013 LSIS Research Development Fellowships (SUNCETT for LSIS)

The LSIS Research Development Fellowships (RDFs) supported practitioners to carry out action research projects and provided the education and training sector with small-scale, practice-based, research studies which can be used for improvement.

RDF 2009-13

2006 – 2010 Practitioner- Research (Lancaster University for CELS/ LSIS)

Between 2006 and 2010, the CEL/LSIS Lancaster Leadership Research Programme funded both HE and practitioner projects. The programme was designed to create a research portfolio informing leadership policy and practice in the UK learning and skills sector. It was particularly concerned to develop a practitioner research programme and community. You can read summaries of the research produced during this period here.

2006-10 CEL Practitioner Research

During this period, the programme published 12 edited volumes of practitioner research reports which you can access by clicking the links below:

Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3, Vol 4, Vol 5, Vol 6, Vol 7, Vol 8, Vol 9, Vol 10, Vol 11, Vol 12

2004 – 2006 Practitioner-led action research (NRDC)

NRDC established a nationally co-ordinated series of small-scale practitioner-led research projects from 2004 until 2006 in three rounds. The aims of the programme were:

  • build research capacity in the field
  • embed the activities of the NRDC  in practice
  • undertake important small-scale research projects which contribute to NRDC’s overall programmes
  • strengthen research networks linking practitioners, researchers and policy agencies.

NRDC 2004-06

In addition to previous practitioner research programmes, between 2007 and 2013, LSIS published an innovative journal for the learning and skills sector called Inside Evidence, bringing together relevant research and developments in teaching and learning.

Inside Evidence Screen Grab