Maths and English

7. Abingdon & Witney CollegeOrganisation: Abingdon and Witney College
Contact: Sarah Richards
Title: Resitting GCSE Maths; do growth mind set messages make a difference?                                                       Format: Video 1, Video 2 & Poster

50. Cambridge Regional CollegeOrganisation: Cambridge Regional College
Contact: Christine FayJulie Shorter and Wendy Wilderspin
Title: Will our Virtual Maths Centre (Maths Central) increase learner confidence and greater success in maths skills? Format: ThinglinkThinglink extra & Poster

28. Cambridgeshire County Council, Cambridgeshire Learning ServicesOrganisation: Cambridgeshire County Council, Cambridgeshire Learning Services
Contact: Naomh Campbell & Lisette Veit
Title: Will completing an additional formative assessment tool, prior to undertaking practice tests, help to improve pass                                                rates for Functional Skills Maths L2?                                                                                        Format: Presentation, Powtoon & Poster

33. Exeter CollegeOrganisation: Exeter College
Contact: Pippa Stone & Sarah Mandeno
Title: How far can innovative methodologies support 16 – 19 learners and adult learners to achieve English and Maths GCSE?                                                                                                                                      Format: Report & Poster

16. Kirklees College
Organisation: Kirklees College
Contact: Julia FarrarGrace Clifford and Clare Jordan
Title: What is effective practice in the marking of spelling, punctuation and grammar?                                                                                                       Format: WordPress & Poster

25. North Lincolnshire Council Adult Community Learning
Organisation: North Lincolnshire Council Adult Community Learning
Contact: Joy Tomlinson
Title: If ESOL learners are disadvantaged when moving on to Functional Skills, how can we bridge the gap?                                                                        Format: Padlet & Poster

46. North Nottinghamshire College
Organisation: North Nottinghamshire College
Contact: John McMahon
Title: Social Media and the Future of Further Education: What are the key factors required to provide both safe and engaging learning through social media?
                                               Format: Website & Poster

51. Stockton Riverside College
Organisation: Stockton Riverside College
Emma Wardell 
Learners’ perspectives on the use of online resources for increasing confidence in GCSE maths                                                                              Format: Prezi & Poster