CableCom Training

CableCom Limited has been piloting a Whole Organisation Approach to Practitioner-Led Action Research. The work began with their Regional Adviser leading a briefing for the quality and standards manager and then facilitating a training session for the two Action Research Leads.

CableCom_App_form_imagePractitioners at CableCom were invited to apply for the project and two research projects are now taking place, each supported by an internal Action Research Lead and involving at least another member of staff. The Action Research Leads are being mentored by Catherine Cox, who took part in the PLAR programme last year and is also taking part in her own research project with emCETT again this year. This means the majority of trainers in the organisation are involved, truly a whole organisation approach. All three projects are working towards one large problem with their own sub-sets of research questions.

CableCom’s quality and standards manager, Karen Glencross, is maintaining oversight of the projects.