Evaluating quality in education and training

In the Vlog below, our research lead, Claire Collins, interviews Dr Matt O’Leary from the Centre for Research and Development in Lifelong Education (CRADLE) at the University of Wolverhampton. Claire and Matt discuss teacher evaluation and the limitations and pitfalls of graded observations. Matt explains why this reductionist model should be replaced by alternative, often existing, ways of capturing and evidencing quality, which are more meaningful and comprehensive for practitioners, learners and organisations. Matt and Claire also explore the vital role that practitioner-led research has for evaluating and improving quality. This is because improving learning is at the heart of practitioner-led research and, as Matt reminds us; “nobody knows their classrooms like the teachers teaching in them.”

You can watch the video by clicking here or in the image below.

Matt O'Leary with CC (27.4.15)