Reflections on Multimodality Webinar

In this audio blog, or ‘podcast’, John Sutter, Director at Learning Unlimited, and Learning Enhancement Manager (language and literacies) at University for the Creative Arts (UCA) reflects on Webinar 2 and his experience of presenting to a group of people whose faces he could not see and voices he could not hear, who he could only ‘see’ in chat. He also discusses how this experience has made him think more about the topic of multimodality and clarifies some of the points he made during his presentation.

Click the image below to hear John’s reflections [6 mins:47 secs]



1 thought on “Reflections on Multimodality Webinar

  1. Thoughts from the North East peer working group:
    The benefits of multimodality could be vast but these can be reduced by organisational restrictions.
    Digital immigrants – this is more of a problem for the older generation. However, age doesn’t mean that you can’t learn the language.
    Digital immigrants teaching digital natives – we need to avoid assuming technology will be novel and interesting in itself. Teachers need to provide guidance, critical responses, how to filter out unnecessary information.

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